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Delyth about us page 1Park Farm Retrievers is owned by Delyth Mottershead.

Delyth has been breeding Golden Retrievers and Labradors for over twenty years. Her passion for breeding good quality, trainable dogs shows in all her puppies. Families have come as far as the Dominican Republic to buy Park Farm Retrievers.

Park Farm Retrievers is based at Park Farm on the beautiful boarders of Shropshire and Worcestershire. Delyth along with her husband Martin took on Park Farm in 2005 when it was virtually derelict. Over the years they have restored it back to a beautiful home, working farm and the livery stables that it is today.

The Mottershead family consists of Delyth, Martin and their three daughters Megan, Rowena and Sarah. Megan and Rowena have grown up with their mother’s love of horses and compete regularly in dressage, eventing and showing but Sarah has followed her father with more of her interests being in the farm and livestock breeding.

Even though they lead busy lives the dogs are always at the centre of the family.

“We pride ourselves on only breeding from the best quality dogs, thus maintaining excellent quality and healthy bloodlines.”


Park Farm Retrievers
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I don’t think any of ours would be this helpful on the yard, maybe take them to the fridge🤣🤣

Park Farm Retrievers
Charlotte Dujardin
Jingles will want a pay rise at this rate 😆 . . . #specialrescuedog
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Park Farm Retrievers
It's golden o'clock as the Southern Golden Retriever Display team take to the arena!
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Park Farm Retrievers
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Lovely day celebrating this beautiful breed💕
Park Farm Retrievers
BBC Midlands
Hundreds of Labradors turned up with their owners for a mass walk at Cheltenham Racecourse. 😮🐕💦 Via BBC Gloucestershire.
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Woof Woof
It's 'National Golden Retriever Day!' Here's exactly why you need one! 😍
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The Poke
'This should make your day a little happier' h/t @MGSniper
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